Step 1

Remove the protective inner paper.

Remove the protective paper, start from the middle.

It's easier to start from the middle.

It is a little more difficult when started from a cornerIf starting from the corner, work around the holes.Try to get it off in one piece.The toughest part to get off in one piece is around the holes.
Step 2

Wrap the collar around the post.

Apply pressure while wrapping The Post Collar around the post.

Start from one side and apply pressure.

Start from one side.Go around the back, make sure it fits each side.Keep pressure against the first side.Squeeze both sides when lining up the holes.
Step 3

Use screws or nails to fasten.

Use screws or nails to fasten.

Pivot fasteners perpendicular to the post.

Utilize the offset holes for the fasteners.Pivot the fastener to be perpendicular to the post.Do the same for each hole and fastener.Drive in each fastener.

Press the butyl into cracks for a better seal.

Press the rubber into gaps.

Use a putty knife or similar object.

Find areas with gaps.Use a putty knife or similar object.Do this on all sides of the post, especially corners.Make sure all gaps are filled.

Or put a nail/screw near the top of each side.

Use a nail or screw at the top of each side.